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People pursue volunteer opportunities for various reasons. They might want to gain professional experience, widen their personal network and /or give back to their communities. PFASF gives our volunteers the opportunity to be themselves and to serve their community with grace and dignity. All of our volunteers are faithful individuals who never cease to help the underserved. They are all so diligent in whatever they do for our organization.

Whether it is giving resources or giving their time. PFASF volunteers are one out of a million. They quickly learn that one of the ways they can gain satisfaction for life is by dedicating their time to a cause, that they feel passionate about. They often times express to us, that community service in particular, offers them numerous opportunities to utilize their talents to aid those who are in need of guidance and extra help. They also have the opportunity to develop a new set of skills to especially help our homeless community. PFASF is very fortunate to have our volunteers.